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What is AUR+A?

AUR+A is a Networking and Social App using Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

AUR+A works on mobile and soon on Smart Glasses.

Check-in at events without the QR code and know who is around you.

Our AI is your personal assistant with conversation tips, icebreakers or the history of the people you met with.

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"For events it's a pain to have to service the door.
What you do feels like the future." 
John Manoochehri - Founder @Treasury.Space - San Francisco

For Networking

Connect with the right people.
AUR+A uses Artificial Intelligence to filter the people you need to meet and Augmented Reality to show you who they are.

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AUR+A is supported by


The Onboarding on AUR+A

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Also designed for Ipad

Do you pay for a booth at a B2B event?
Know who you should absolutely talk to with AUR+A.

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AUR+A for Smart Glasses

... soon we'll have smart glasses with AUR+A.

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